Coron, Palawan Philippines. The view from the top of Kayangan Lake; the cleanest lake in the Philippines.

Sixteen pictures that will undoubtedly convince you to book a plane ticket to Coron asap to experience its post-card worthy views for yourself…

A beautiful scene in Coron, Philippines: a lone shack on the side of a limestone formation. |
Coron Travel Diary. A beautiful scene in Coron, Philippines: two boatsmen setting out across the water at dusk. |
Coron Travel Diary | Atop Mt. Tapyas, Coron amongst beautiful grassy fields with a path leading to a hilltop pagoda.
Coron Travel Diary | Atop Mt. Tapyas, Coron amongst beautiful grassy fields.
Coron Travel Diary | Amazing weather whilst island hoping in Coron, Philippines. These are the white sands of Banana Island.
Coron Travel Diary | Exploring the reefs along the shore of Banana Island, Coron, Philippines. The home of giant clams and beautiful, coloured fishes. 
Coron Travel Diary | Pit-stoping at Malcapuya Beach, Coron, Philippines to rehydrate with a fresh coconut juice.
Coron Travel Diary | Postcard perfect at Malcapuya Beach, Coron, Philippines.
Coron Travel Diary | Soaking in the Maquinit Hot Springs after climbing Mt Tapyas. The salty waters are naturally heated by volcanic rock.
Coron Travel Diary | You'll find me beneath the palm trees: Banana Island, Coron, Philippines
Coron Travel Diary | Discovering the shores of Bulog Island Sandbar.
Coron Travel Diary | The entrance to the Hidden Lagoon, Coron, Philippines
Coron Travel Diary | Island Hopping in Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Coron Travel Diary | The most beautiful sunset reveals itself as the sun sinks below the hills at Coron, Palawan, Philippines.
Coron Travel Diary | Surrounded by nature, watching the sun go down - my ideal getaway.


A sight of soaring limestone cliffs skirted by white sand beaches intertwined by a jewel toned sea that is teaming with reef life underneath the surface. This real-life postcard combines both a diver’s paradise and a vacationer’s dream in one place: Coron, Palwan. I was anxious to finally be able to visit this quiet paradise that I’d heard great things about from friends. Here in the Philippines, its not like we have a shortage of picture-perfect, island destinations: Boracay, El Nido…the list goes on, but Coron had always managed to work its way into conversation onto people’s must visit list. And since experiencing the place for myself, its not hard to know why.

Coron offers a multitude of offerings from ship wreck strewn diving sites, to Boracay-rivalling powdery sand beaches, to hidden lagoons, to the cleanest lake in the country. There are so many things to see and do – mostly water and island adventures – but with views like this, how could you not be a happy camper? During my four day escapade, I was practically in or on the water 90% of the time (a water baby’s dream). And when I wasn’t out exploring, I was relaxing around the The Funny Lion resort. They have the most ah-mazing sunset viewing deck with a jacuzzi – the best view in the house really – that you can watch the sun sink below the mountains. I can’t wait to go back. The immersive experience of being surrounded by nature every. single. moment. is so rejuvenating and soothing to my soul: one of the reasons I think the cure-all for all of life aliments is a trip to the beach. I hope this little glimpse of Coron has inspired you to see some of its beauty for yourself.

A very special thanks to The Funny Lion resort and staff who made the extra effort to make my trip a very eventful and wonderful one.

Photography: Catriona Gray & Vince Salumbides III

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