Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day…

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Valentine’s Day. 
The dreaded / anticipated day of love. 
These days I feel like its more of an opportunity for marketers and advertising agencies to coax you into buying something for your loved-ones than anything else. In all honesty, why do we need a single day of the year to treat your loved ones to something nice, or to show them how much you appreciate them when you can do it at any time throughout the year? You should constantly show the ones you love, whether it be family, friends, significant others etc how grateful and appreciative you are to have them in your life. The world needs more love, so don’t be afraid to share it around any day of the year. 
This Valentine’s, instead of focusing on the aspect of giving someone a materialistic symbol of affection…when was the last time you gave yourself a little love and appreciation? Why not take the opportunity to do something for yourself too this Valentines and show yourself a little TLC? Love shouldn’t be exclusively seen as something that is constantly given to another. It can also be given to yourself. Or why not take advantage of this time of the year to spread joy, positivity and to share blessings with others in a way that isn’t materialistic or superficial?
Here’s some ways to show love this February 14th:
#1: Wake up and be grateful. 
Start the day by saying thanks for everything you have: your health, the people in your life, the opportunities, the education, the experiences you’ve been fortunate to have and the ones that are yet to come. Being negative about yourself and your situation is bullying yourself. Telling yourself all the things your grateful for instantly makes you realise how much you have and makes you two things: happy and positiveLove is easy when your happy and content and you become a beacon of positivity and good energy to all those around you. 

#2: Be yourself.
Got a date with a special someone or maybe just a quiet date with yourself watching chick flicks at home? Dress how you want to dress. Just because its Valentine’s day, doesn’t mean you need to conform to dressing just for your significant other. Dress for yourself. That cocktail dress looks killer but are you uncomfortable with the length and fit? Change it up. Opt for the minimal makeup look. Your date will appreciate you for you and you’ll be able to focus your energies to enjoying your date instead of constantly pulling at your dress or touching up your makeup.
#3: Be unique.
Want to give a gift? Why not opt to choose a D.I.Y or personalised route? Create their favourite dessert at home in the kitchen or spend the day with a homemade picnic at their favourite place. Or you could do something you enjoy that you think they would enjoy too, like bowling or a movie marathon. Be creative and look at what their interests, favourite pastimes etc are. The perfect gift is just waiting to be given!
#4. Treat yourself.
Still want that rose?…But have no one who’s planning (that you know of) to gift it to you? Buy yourself flowers…or chocolates. At least you can pick the ones you definitely like and you won’t need to share. 😉 Never measure your worth in affection or attention from others. Your inner self love will make sure you know that you are loved, worthy and beautiful. You should also never feel guilty for putting yourself before others or taking time out for yourself once in a while. 
#5. Do something good.
For the less fortunate – Valentine’s along with Christmas, Easter and birthdays etc are a thing of extravagance and luxury. Research a charity or advocacy movement near you and do your part to put a smile on someone’s face. Love comes in the form of generosity and understanding, too.
However you spend your Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that the true acts of love and giving come from the heart and don’t require any funds, gifts, glitz or glitter to make an impact – all that’s needed is simply honesty, thoughtfulness and that extra effort to bring it to life.
Photography: Don De Leon of Happy Fingers Photography

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  • Anonymous
    February 14, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    I love this refreshing take on the meaning of Valentine’s day. Keep inspiring us! Love you Cat!

  • Anonymous
    February 15, 2015 at 3:31 am

    You will be the biggest star one day! LOVE YOU CAT! Your biggest fan!