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Being a new fan of yoga after an initial introduction to the challenging but invigorating hot primary yoga, I thought I could share my gym bag essentials for my tri-weekly Yoga Class!

Happy New Year! One of my new year resolutions is to healthily achieve my “best body ever”. Last year, my routine was mostly strength training with weights with a semi to non-displined eating plan. (Okay, lets be honest – there was only momentary discipline. Guilty hehe). I just can’t help myself when it comes to eating out – I associate eating out with treating myself, celebrating achievements or special occasions. And I know for some a “slim” figure is all to be desired, but I want to achieve a fit and strong body for 2015. Who’s with me? 
So, being a new fan of yoga after an initial introduction to the challenging but invigorating Hot Primary workout by Beyond Yoga Rockwell, I thought it would be a good idea to share my gym bag essentials for my tri-weekly Yoga Class! 
Facial Cleanser
The Hot Primary yoga class that I’m currently undertaking works up a huge sweat, so to combat the potential breakouts that would otherwise occur on an un-washed face, following my workout I’ll cleanse my face. I like to pack a travel-size cleanser as its more convenient than a full-size product.
Moisturiser/Sun Protection
I’ll follow up with an SPF moisturiser as I usually step out into the sun after class, along with a moisturising lip balm. These are my on-the-go face care products, and I’ll never leave the house without them! 
Face & Body Towel
Another way I protect my face in the gym is by using a face towel aside from the towel that I use over my yoga mat. This ensures that the bacteria from my body and workout doesn’t come into contact with my face. 
On the topic of gym hygiene, I cannot go without my deodorant and hand sanitiser especially after using general equipment. I usually purchase an extra bottle of each solely for my gym bag, so I never have to go without!
Snacks & H2O
I’ll usually workout in the morning, in a fasted state, meaning I’ll have my breakfast after my workout. So before a workout, I’ll make sure to be very well hydrated – because if I’m not, I’ll find myself feeling dizzy, faint or even sick working out on an empty stomach. I’ll pack a snack (fruits fresh or dehydrated and nuts are my faves!) or my green breakfast smoothie in a travel jar to enjoy afterwards in the car on the way home. I’ll also pack my vitamins to have alongside my smoothie – the usual suspects are salmon fish oil, spirulina and a probiotic to help re-nourish my body after an extensive workout and get my system ready for the day!
What are your favourite gym essentials?

Thank you to Beyond Yoga (@igobeyondyoga), Bianca King (@bianca_king), Healthy Options (@healthyoptionsph), Messy Bessy (@hellomessybessy) and Skinny Juicery (@theskinnyjuiceryph) for the wonderful goodies*. 

Items (From Left to Right):
Nike Yoga Mat / Facial Towel / The Jojoba Company Intense Overnight Renewal Cream / The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead and Bamboo Facial Exfoliant / Healthy Options Vitamin Case* / VSX Sport Bra / Beyond Yoga Membership* / EOS Peppermint and Melon Lip Balm / Healthy Options Glass Jar* / Healthy Options Glass Bottle* / Healthy Options Gift Certificates* / Veloci Time Watch / Cetaphil SPF 50+ Moisturiser / Crystal Essence Deodorant / Medium Gym Towel
Photography and Set: Catriona Gray

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