How To: Long, Strong & Beautiful Nails


My go to tips for growing beautiful and strong nails…

I’ve heard so many outcries of breaking, flaking nails. Claims that strong nails are the result of genetics, some wonder product or just plain “luck”. But growing up, I’ve worked out by trial and error what really helps keep those nails strong and clear, and I’m happy to share them with you! I hope they will be helpful for reaching the desired look for your nails.

Tip No.1: Check Your Inner Health
I can personally testify that I can see drastic change in my skin, hair, eyes and general wellbeing when I’m looking after myself physically and mentally. Check on your water intake, are you eating the right foods that are nourishing? When was the last time you worked up a good sweat with exercise? Is your body being affected by stress? Your body is a machine that can only function at optimum levels with the right fuel and of course, your outer “beauty” will reflect whether your looking after your body or not.

Tip No.2: Don’t Bite!
We’re all guilty of this from time to time – I’m especially guilty when I watch long movies or have a little chip on the sides of my nails. Other than being a terrible habit, bitting your nails is also pretty gross when you think of all the things your fingers have touched, along with all the nasties that have made their way to your nail beds – Eeek!

Tip No.3: Always Have A Nail File On Hand
Nothing stunts nail growth like a chip on the surface. When I have a little split or chip that continues to catch on clothes, hair or is just plain annoying – I tend to pick it smooth usually resulting in breaking off a chunk of my nail. This is simply avoided by keeping a nail file in your touchup beauty kit or handbag for easy access so you never have to go without.
Additional tip: If you have extremely brittle nails – file in one direction, it reduces breaking.


Tip No. 4: Biotin
I first started taking Biotin as a supplement to my diet after a recent hair tv-commercial where my hair was bleached and my goal was to ensure strong, fast regrowth. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that aids in cellular growth and strong hair and nails. So far, I’ve noticed a small improvement in the quality of my hair regrowth and nails.
Note: Please research first to determine whether Biotin is right for you. I don’t recommend taking supplements without first consulting a health care professional who can deduce whether its appropriate for you. 

Tip No. 5: Be Mindful
Heres some example of instances when your nails are especially susceptible to breaking:
Soaked Hands: when you have submerged your hands in water for more than 5minutes, your nails begin to become soft and are susceptible to breakage.
Gym: most of my nail breakages have occurred at the gym when working with the weight-bar. Take care when grabbing things in a position that put your nails under pressure.
Jeans: Pulling up skinny jeans or gym tights are a nightmare with long nails – I feel them bending whilst trying to pull up my pants – again take care during each task. Its all a case of common sense.

Tip No. 6: Nail Shape
Choose a nail shape that is structured and strong such as rounded-square or oval/round. Other nail shapes such as almond, mountain and square can be susceptible to chipping and therefore leading to breakage. I’m usually sporting a squarely round shape, I’ve found that its easier to maintain.


Tip No. 7: Care For Your Hands
I’m a huge fan of rose hip and jojoba oils as well as Laura Mercier hand creams (mainly because they smell so damn good). I apply a hand moisturiser after I step out of the shower, twice a day and also when my hands are feeling a bit on the dry side. (Keep a travel size of your favourite moisturiser in your handbag for on the go). Keeping your hands and nails moisturised helps maintain our nails natural oils that are stripped with regular hand washing.

Tip No. 8: Use Nail-Friendly Products
Overuse or use of the wrong product of polishes and removers can be damaging to your nails. Be observant of how your nails react to certain products and deduce whether they sustain your nails health or decrease it.


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